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The grand Imām of the Azhar’s declarations about the Islamic punishment imposed on people who spread rumors that hurt others has increased tension in press milieus. Journalists reacted fiercely to the grand Iimām’s declarations and called for his resignation.
A recent report about discrimination in the workplace has stated that Copts in Egypt are victims of discrimination. The Egyptian government refutes the allegations but here the author highlights ten factors that show this discrimination.
Time magazine reports that Osama Bin Laden’s second-in-command, Ayman al Zawahry, fled to Bangladesh and transferred al-Qa?ida activities to it. The magazine expressed its concern that Bangladesh might become the next target of USA military strikes
Abdel Haliem Mansi discusses the treatment of non-Muslims in Muslim countries, examining Islam’s respect of the people of the book, Jews, Christians and Muslims. He also presents the example of the way that Nagaashi, the king of Habshaa, dealt with Muslims seeking refuge in his kingdom.
The situation of Muslims today is like that of the Jews yesterday. They are divided among themselves and killing each other. They are the fugitives of this age. The flames of the fire that the Muslims are exposed to is a punishment for a group that was supposed to be the elite of the world because...
The author is of the opinion that glorifying terrorism and presenting terrorists to the public as the fighters who confront the devils is more dangerous than practicing terrorism. He added that many of the sources of terrorism are products of Western establishments or were supported by them. One...
The authors criticize the United Nation’s failure to properly reform its discredited Human Rights Commission, and call on the U.S. to divert funding to other human rights organizations if the U.N. continues to allow tyrants and dictators into the council.
Press Information Note 53 The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) met with Pope Shenouda, the head of the Coptic Church, and the Sheikh of the Azhar but otherwise was almost universally boycotted by both Christians and Muslims. The members of the Commission waited...
The US State Department announced on October 6 that China, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar (Burma), and Sudan were liable for diplomatic and economic sanctions for engaging in "particularly severe violations of religious freedom during the preceding 12 months."
The State Department has designated China, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar and Sudan as countries of particular concern for violations of religious freedom, making them liable for U.S. diplomatic and economic sanctions, spokesman James Rubin said Wednesday.


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