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The controversial statements of the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams sparked contradictory reactions. While Western and Christian observers attacked him, Muslim thinkers and intellectuals hailed him as a wise just clergyman. The Egyptian media reacted more to the angry reactions than to the...
The Shūrá Council has approved a project law to prevent demonstrations in houses of worship. The majority of Egyptian political parties and authorities approved the decision, but certain people have expressed their opposition to it.
The following article presents an overview of what the author coins the “talibanization” of eduction in Egypt, and the impact that it is having in schooling systems, particularly in relation to Muslims versus Copts.
Islam is the target of Western and Zionists’ attacks. Muslims need to unite to defend their religion and any inter-religious dialogue is bound to avowing Islam as a heavenly religion.
Coptic Councilor Najīb Jibrā’īl is intending to hold a conference to discuss the controversial Coptic issues in Egypt. Prominent Egyptian personalities and a number of Coptic expatriates were invited.
al-Ḥayāh conducted an interview with Sayyid Imām who spoke about his life. The following lines also present reactions to the revisions and comments of observers and Islamic groups leaders.
Nabīl ‘Abd al-Fattāḥ analyzes the recent crisis of the British schoolteacher who was arrested in Sudan on charges of insulting Prophet Muhammad. He says that Arabs and Islamic states need a realistic, intelligent way of understanding cultural diversity.
An interview with Pope Shenouda highlighting the term of his papacy.
The following lines present more details about the Jihād introspections, their advocates and their opponents. While some people consider Imām’s revisions a turning point in the history of the Islamic groups, many observers doubt the authenticity of the revisions.
The article reviews a book of a British thinker Robert Irwin entitled, ‘For Lust of Knowing: The Orientalists and their Enemies,’ which responds to the theory of late prominent thinker Edward Sa‘īd on orientalism.


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