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15 Egyptian independent newspapers refused to publish their publications on October 7, 2007. Other newspapers criticized the gesture and its motivations, choosing instead to express themselves “positively.” Freedom of the press is a pivotal issue in Egyptian media nowadays.
In the article, scores of thinkers comment on the proposed platform of the political party of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group.
The author discusses the reasons behind the Islam-West clash where he sees that religions’ differences are not the reason behind the struggle. Rather, he views the clash as mainly political.
The inclusion of religious data on identity cards is a declaration of a person’s identity.
The author talks about a documentary entitled, ‘Muslim Jesus,’ which has been fiercely criticized by conservative Christians.
This article deals with some points discussed by the Anglican al-Azhar Dialogue Committee in London with focus on Shaykh Umar al-Dīb’s paper on Muslim minorities in the West.
The article narrates a story of a former Catholic priest who converted to Islam, adopted the Islamic name of Idrīs Tawfīq, and became an Islamic Dā‘yah.
Deputy of the Azhar Shaykh ‘Umar al-Dīb announced the inauguration of the first Azhar institute in Britain.
‘Muslim Jesus,’ a British documentary, creates uproar among Christians all over the world. Aḥmad al-Sa‘dāwī observes Egyptian reactions to the issue.
The following article presents continuing discussions on a new documentary film entitled, ‘Muslim Jesus,’ which depicts the life and story of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Qur’ān.


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