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The author narrates a background history to the deteriorating situation of Christians in the East. He identifies the reasons behind this deterioration and discusses the origins of religious fundamentalism and the autocratic regimes in the Arab world.
The chancellor of the Azhar University is expected to participate in a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI and the chief rabbi of Israel at the International meeting for peace.
Cardinal Jean Louis Tauran’s statement provokes hostile reactions from some Muslim and Azhar figures in Egypt. The cardinal stated that the “absolute interpretation” of the Qur’ān makes dialogue between Islam and Christianity difficult.
Shaykh Jamāl Quṭb calls for equality between the Azhar and the church and for the Shaykh of the Azhar to be elected in the same fashion that the Vatican cardinals do with the Vatican pope.
A Catholic husband doubts the paternity of his daughter and criticizes the Egyptian judicial authorities that dealt with his family’s life by relying on the Islamic Sharī‘ah. The Catholic Church criticized the issue and preferred a church court that might refer in serious cases to the pope of the...
Jamāl As‘ad says that the several offensive statements against Islam produced by the Roman Catholic Church reveal the church’s plan to play a role in politics, taking sides with the West in the current Islam-West conflict.
The author discusses Pope Benedict XVI’s apology to natives of South America for the massacre they suffered at the hands of European missionaries. He questions why the pope apologizes for these acts, yet refuses to apologize for his insults against Islam, and wonders what “sword” Islam is being...
The article contains a number of Islamic thinkers’ and scholars’ opinions on the phenomenon of Islamophobia in the West.
Muṣṭafá Bakrī, the author, regards attacks on Islam by some Western figures as a war against the religion, criticizing Arab officials for not adequately defending Islam. He therefore calls for a code of ethics to respect all religions.
Father Theodosius al-Siryānī rejects the Vatican document and cites Pope Shenouda’s argument refuting the Catholic belief that Peter was the head of the church.


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