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Aḥmad al-Buḥayrī reports on the statements of Azhar scholars who criticized Pope Benedict XVI’s secretary who spoke about the Islamization of Europe.
al-Miṣrī al-Yawm cites an interview conducted by the German daily Suddeutsche Zeitung with Msgr. George Gaenswein, secretary of Pope Benedict XVI, who warned of what he called the danger that the spread of Islam poses in Europe, and defended the pope’s controversial remarks against Islam.
The article discusses the various beliefs of how an individual can attain salvation.
The Egyptian press continues to focus on the different reactions of Egyptian Christians to the controversial Vatican document that was recently issued. While representatives of the Catholic Church approve it, Protestant and Orthodox denominations attack it severely.
While Egyptian non-Catholic churches expressed their angry reactions to the Vatican document, Catholic figures, including the director of the Holy See’s Press Office, declared that the document was mainly to clarify Catholic doctrinal issues and was not intended to offend any church or denomination...
A new episode of division among Christian churches has surfaced as a result of the Vatican’s recent issuance of a document that claims that all other non-Catholic churches should be considered as clerical foundations rather than real churches.
Another controversial statement from Pope Benedict XVI reads: “There is one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, and […] outside this church there is neither salvation nor remission of sins.” Reactions from churches in Egypt varied between denunciation and doubts about the authenticity of an alleged...
A Catholic man resorts to the Vatican Ambassador in Cairo and to the U.S. Embassy asking them to intervene in the Egyptian government after his wife got a judgment of divorce by Khul‘.
The following article presents an interview with Coptic Catholic Metropolitan Kyrillos William, bishop of Assuit. Metropolitan William speaks about the Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt in general and Assiut in particular. He provides information about the number of Coptic Catholics in Egypt and the...
The Vatican issued a statement announcing that Pope Benedict XVI appointed French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran yesterday to lead the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, which oversees Vatican-Muslim relations.


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