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Western history is full of falsifications against Islam. The real conflict is not between Muslims and Christians of the region, but between the West and the Islamic orient.
The Holy Virgin of Al-Zaytoun Church in Vienna hosted a Ramadan evening, including an iftar dinner.
The writer presents a brief background on the status of Muslims in Austria from 1912 until today.
In the recently enacted U.S. law on anti-Semitism, its engineers have cited what they called indications for acts of violence against Semitism during the last three months of 2003 and the first three months of 2004, including for example former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad’s...
The article gives excerpts of what the Western press wrote on Islam after September 11. It shows that some people tried to transform the feelings of hatred towards terrorism into feelings of hatred towards Muslims.
German orientalist Gernot Rotter published a study titled “Islam, the New Illusionary Enemy of the West.” The study states that the imagined mutual hostilities between Islam and the West is not based on disagreement in faith. The fact that Islam is defined on religious bases and the West is defined...
Dr. Ali Al-Saman, vice president of the Azhar Permanent Committee of Inter-Religious Dialogue, says that the world needs an international charter of dialogue. This charter should be based on two principles, namely, “No generalization in judgment” and “Yes for honest self-criticism.”
In a presidential reshuffle, Husnī Mubārak has appointed Copt, Maj. General Majdī Ayoub Iskandar, governor of Qinā. He is the second Copt to occupy this position during the past 30 years after Maj. General Fou’ād ‘Azīz Ghālī, who was commander of the 2nd field army during the October 6, 1973 war...
An international conference on Islam in Vienna discussed in November a number of issues concerning Islam and its relation to the West. Egyptian Minister of Endowments, Dr. Mahmoud Hamdī Zaqzouq was invited to the conference to lecture on Islam’s position on globalization.
The author finds an Muslim preacher in Vienna who challenges his preconceptions of Islamic leaders in the West.


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