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Pope Shenouda will not deliver his regular sermon in Alexandria on January 2. In total, the Pope delivered 10 sermons in Alexandria this year, his smallest number ever. The Pope has recently skipped his regular sermons because of medical trips to the United States, attendance at the inaugurations...
Minister of Waqfs, Dr. Mahmoud Hamdy Zaqzouk announced that the Islamic world would reassess its position during the Islamic conference to be held on June 22, 1999 in Cairo. The Al-Azhar and the Ministry of Waqfs has contributed one million pounds to Kosovo refugees. A new Islamic center costing...
The History and Antiquities Committee of the Higher Council of Culture held a symposium on April 18-19, at the Cairo University library. The symposium concerned the national role played by the Egyptian Church throughout history. The symposium was attended by a number of researchers and historians...
A book review of "Monasticism in Egypt, Images and Words of the Desert Fathers" by Michael W. McClellan, AUC Press, 1998, LE 90.
After the Sunday Telegraph article about Christian persecution in Egypt, lots of foreign correspondents denied this information. An Egyptian lawyer, Mostafa Ashoub, chose the legal way as a respond to these lies.
‘Ādil Ḥammūdah says that when Pope Shenouda ordered the transfer of his dialysis machime and other medical equipment to Wādī al-Naṭrūn for his recent seclusion, observers felt that he was planning a long stay, which would mean he would miss the president's inauguration of parliament, which could...
Rajab al-Mūrshidi holds the Supreme Council of Antiquities accountable for the various problems related to monasteries in Egypt.
Yūsuf Wahīb comments on monks and monasteries in Egypt and discusses monks’ important role in the country since Roman times.
A background on monasticism in Islam, Christianity, and Egypt.
Amīrah Ibrāhīm reports on the fatwá issued by Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī concerning prayer time during working hours.
The article covers issues that have made the headlines in Egypt in the last month and includes the story of a postman was detained for two months, a fatwá that was issued declaring that non-Muslims are not apostates and the contentious issue of a piece of land near St. Macarius monastery that has...
A group of reporters and journalists have visited St. Makarius monastery in the Western Desert to show their condemnation over the government’s sale of the land to investors, despite the fact that it may contain items of substantial archaeological worth.
Metropolitan of the Coptic Orthodox Church in France, Bishop Marcos, passed away last Sunday during his visit to Spain.
A secret front formed by bishops in Upper Egypt is discussing the idea of choosing a bishop to compete for the papal chair in case of Pope Shenouda’s death.
The author discusses the need to preserve the Egyptian heritage, and how everybody should immerse themselves in this process, providing examples of how historical areas have been allowed to fall into disrepair.
Pope Shenouda III denies rumors about an alleged decision to change the rules of choosing the patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The author discusses the tradition of cooking the Chrism Oil in the desert monastery of Anba Bishoi.
The author has conducted an interview with Pope Shenouda III on the occasion of Coptic Easter.
The author reports on a dispute over a plot of land adjoins the Monastery of St. Makarius.
An article is distributed to university students dictating the means of dealing with non-Muslims.
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