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The author discusses Christianity in Egypt, and what it means to be a Copt living in a society that constantly struggles with social issues.
The writer talks about the political role of Islamic groups in the Arab Muslim world in an attempt to answer the question: Is Arab democracy possible without Islamists?
The article addresses freedom of expression and press freedom in Yemeni law and internal security.
An old man has been killed and others injured in an explosion in the Shouhada mosque in Sanaa [Yemen]. Investigations revealed that the bomb was supposed to explode when the worshippers came out of the mosque, but it exploded later when a worshiper touched it. The reasons behind this massacre...
Al-Qā‘idah posts a statement on the Internet threatening to bomb oil installations and foreign, particularly American, projects in Yemen.
There are about ten thousand religions all over the world. This article ranks them in terms of number of religious adherents and describes where the majority of each religion is to be found.
This article gives definitions of the main religious parties and movements that have role in political life in the Middle East region.
The U.S.- based Center for Study of Islam and Democracy (C.S.I.D.) recently sent a letter to President Bush, signed by 90 Arab and Egyptian human rights activists, calling on him to intervene in the region to achieve democracy and to maintain pressure towards eliminating dictatorial regimes.
Subtitles:A phenomenon that worries international intelligence agencies; Cooperation between Sunni and Shiaa groups to establish a unified organizationItaly has become the base for the activities of the extremist groups smuggling weaponsClaims that Osama Bin Ladin is attempting to establish an...
Gamal Sultan states that persecution is that which was experienced by the Muslims of Bosnia and Herzovina who were massacred and raped, and not, as some Copts suggest, the situation experienced by the Copts in Egypt, who complain that there only two Coptic ministers in cabinet and that there...


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