Long-term partnership between Majorel Egypt and the Center for Arab-West Understanding

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Wed, 2020-12-09
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The Learning Center of the Center for Arab-West Understanding is drawing a great deal of attention. It is unique because it is the only center in Egypt that provides refugees with British education. The center is also preparing its students to perform as a choir on December 21, 16.30- 17.30 in St. Joseph Church, Zamalek, Cairo and on December 23, 19.00 – 20.30 in St. John the Baptist Church, Maadi, Cairo.


Thanks to Majorel Egypt we have been able to provide the refugee students with t-shirts and trousers so that they really look like a choir. Majorel also has been sponsoring other items for the choir such as musical instruments.



On December 8 Majorel Egypt launched “Majorel Impact Program,” an employee-led volunteer effort to support education, improve health & wellness and more Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to help uplift some of the most underserved communities across Egypt.


As its key initiative for 2020-2022 Majorel Egypt has agreed to a long-term partnership with the Center for Arab-West Understanding (CAWU) an NGO in Egypt facilitating intercultural dialogue and providing school/learning facilities for African refugee’s young generations between the age 16-22 who don’t have access to public schools nor International education.


“With now over 7500 professionals Majorel Egypt has grown strengths to strength to be the leading Customer Experience Outsourcing company in the Middle East. But with success and growth also comes responsibility, not only for our clients and employees, but also for our community. I am very proud of the “Impact” CSR program as it transcends and carries our key guiding principles of care for our people/s health, safety and wellbeing into our community and provides hope for a better future for young refugees” states Ricardo Langwieder-Görner, Managing Director of Majorel Egypt #customerexperience #cx #csr #MajorelImpact #MajorelEgypt #OneMajorel


Drs. Cornelis Hulsman and Mr. Ricardo Langwieder-Görner 


This is a major change for CAWU and its learning center. It is obvious that with growing numbers of students the costs will increase. It is also obvious that, unlike international schools in Egypt, we cannot expect the costs of the Learning Center to be covered only through school fees. We will have to develop a different business model with more sponsors. This is the beginning of a new exciting development to create a school providing quality education for low-income people.



Cairo, December 9, 2020


Cornelis Hulsman,

Principal CAWU-Learning Center