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Dīnā Wadīʿreports on the historical importance of the Hanging Church as well as its architectural design. She believes that the church represents one of the most important Christian historical monuments in Cairo.
Wafā’ Sh‘ira reports on the efforts of the abbot of the Monastery of Saint Maqārius in Wadī al-Natroun to maintain a piece of church property that the government is seeking to acquire.
Egyptologist Lutfi Sherif led an AWR-visit to the land of Goshen in March 2003 and knows the discussion of archeologists on the Exodus quite well. Excavations in the Eastern Delta have become politically sensitive. This article mentions that the claim that the tomb of Alexander the Great was found...
It was reported that a copy of the Psalms of David had been stolen from the Coptic Museum. Later, the General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities denied this. The author gives a brief insight about the Psalms and the Coptic Museum.
A merchant in Misr al-Qadīma has broken the law by building a bazaar within a historical area. His disrespect for the sacred buildings in the area is not unlike his disrespect for the priests and nuns there. The so-called ’Emperor of Misr al-Qadīma’ is said to have insulted, harassed and assaulted...
With the beginning of a new Coptic year Father Marqus ‘Azīz Khalīl reminds readers of the Romans’ persecution of the Church and compares it to the thuggery of what he calls the Empire of Misr al-Qadīma.
Dr. Gawdat Gabra will be teaching a course on Coptic Monasticism in the Spring semester at the American University in Cairo (AUC). The course provides a general survey of Coptic monasticism.
The Cairo Foreign Press Association organized a visit to Coptic Old Cairo with Prof. Dr. Peter Grossmann and asked Cornelis Hulsman to write a report for the FPA Bulletin in May 2002. Hulsman pointed out that visiting Old Cairo with a scholar is very different from visiting it with Coptic clergy.
A review of a book by author Andreas Baumann, showing that being an advocate of Christian missionary work also can result in a critical self-reflection.
In addition to holding historical value, Coptic monuments also hold religious and spiritual value, stories of saints and symbols of the Coptic Orthodox faith, which makes Coptic monuments no less valuable than the pharaonic ones. This becomes clear abroad with many countries competing to host...


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