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The national unity of Muslims and Copts in Egypt is revealed in the architectural similarities in both churches and mosques. The design is very similar from the outside. It only differs from the inside according to each one’s beliefs.
Egypt is ready for the celebration of the third millennium. The celebration of the Path of the Holy Family is the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism. The project of developing the archeological area in old Cairo (the archeological complex of religious sites] is found in that framework. The...
An article on the Egyptian town of Tel Basta which is considered the second stopping place of the Holy Family in Egypt after Farma, covering some of its architectural importance, history and some of the incidents that happened when the Holy Family visited it.
An overview of all the sites of the Holy Family with an overview of where currently sites are being restored.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday [August 24, 1999] inaugurated the memorial site of one of Prophet Mohammad’s companions in the central Jordan Valley region in Deir Alaa. The ceremony, attended by senior officials and Muslim clergy from different Arab states, is part of the Kingdom’s endeavor...
A U.S. religious scholar and reverend said on Sunday that Jordan’s recent discovery of the baptism site used by Jesus Christ is "the greatest" archaeological landmark of Christian history. Reverend Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral in the United States, also pledged to promote the site to...
A summary of a recent interview of Dr. Abdel Sabour Shahin by ’Ataa Abdel ’Aal
His Holiness Pope Shinūdā III the heads and representatives of Christian churches in Egypt to endorse the "Unified Personal Status Bill" before its submission by His Holiness to the Minister of Justice for consideration.
When the month of Ramadan comes, it stirs an energy of faith and a spiritual life in one billion Muslims who are our brothers in humanity.
Restorations to save the hanging Church begins.


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