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Today, Saturday, a delegation from the Egyptian General Tourist Guides Syndicate (EGTGS) has visited the Catholic Holy Family Church at Maṭariya, Cairo, in order to learn about the history of its foundation, its spiritual and historical significance, in particular in connection with the Holy Family...
Following a Facebook post, published by a group called ‘Anā Min al-Ḍāhir’ (I am from the district al- Ḍāhir), announced that an agreement was met with the Jewish community in Egypt to tour 3 Jewish synagogues in Cairo and visit the premises from the inside. 
Director General of Research and Archaeological Studies and Scientific Publishing in Sinai and Lower Egypt and archaeologist, Dr. ʿAbd al-Raḥīm Rayḥān (Abdel Rahim Rihan) confirmed that Wādī Firān (Feiran Valley)  has been an untapped archaeological, touristic and environmental treasure so far.
  The Ministry of Tourism decided to include the Monastery of St. George the Martyr in its project to develop religious tourism in the Sinai, as the Ministry has also undertaken to popularize and attract more religious groups to visit Egypt.
Dr. ʿĀṭif ʿAbd al-Laṭīf, head of the Travelers Association for Tourism and Art and one of the organizer of the St. Catherine World Peace Forum dubbed ‘Here we pray together’ revealed the details of the forum’s program and its accompanying events. In his press statement on Monday, ʿAbd al-Laṭīf...
The General Egyptian Book Organization (GEBO) published a new book entitled ‘The Egyptian society and western culture 1798-1952’ written by researcher Muḥammad Rajab Tammām.
About two kilometers west of the Necropolis of al-Bijawāt is situated the Monastery of Mustafa Kashif. It was named after a governor of the oasis during the Mamluk period.
The Saint Nicholas Church of the Greek Orthodox congregation on Tanis Street in the center of Alexandria faces neglect that threatens the collapse of the poor construction and architecture, especially that it has been closed for 20 years.
The St Mary of Damshīr Church, located in al-Baṭārikah (the Patriarchs) Street, in old Cairo, is crawling with monumental icons, each having its own story.
On Tuesday, 28 August, the House of Egyptian Architecture at Darb al-Labbāna in Central Cairo organizes a lecture dubbed ‘An Overview of the Ideology and Philosophy of Church Architecture in the Coptic Era’.


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