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I wrote several articles about the pseudo pope Habeel in al-Midan newspaper that devoted considerable spaces to this important issue. Habeel, who has only a certificate of elementary education, was alleging he has a PhD and that he was a professor of international law and international relations.
Egyptian newspapers covered the occasion of the Eastern Easter feast celebrated by the Coptic Christian Church. Topics ranged from historical background articles to opinion articles about Easter.
This article is an interview with Ibrahim Fahmy Helal, who led the Coptic Nation group that appeared at the time of Pope Yousab. He speaks about the attempt of the group to kidnap the pope and force him to abdicate papacy
Al-Akhbar and al-Ahali published four articles on the anniversary of the flight of the Holy Family to Egypt. The four articles touch upon how the Coptic Orthodox Church celebrates this day.
Al-Ahram columnist Anis Mansour [Anīs Manṣūr] wrote that Jesus Christ had a half-brother called James. He claimed this piece of information came from the Bible. In this article, Orthodox and Protestant clergymen comment on what he wrote and explain the difference between the two denominations on...
An in-depth look at the third annual report of the Citizenship Committee of the National Council for Human Rights [NCHR]. Particular focus is placed on missing Coptic women and the complaints that are lodged against public institutions.
Muḥammad al-Bāz, the author, claims that leading figures of the Coptic Orthodox Church are unqualified in theological academic studies; as a result, they fail to respond to George Bibāwī’s accusations.
The article discusses the conflicts within the Coptic Church.
The author warns of the dangers of publicly tackling religious issues of the Coptic Orthodox Church, and the current campaign deeming the pope Kāfir.
The following review of Rose al-Yūsuf article shed the light on the consequences of Bibāwī’s controversial study that has been interpreted by Rose al-Yūsuf as deeming Pope Shenouda Kāfir. The meetings of the Holy Synod resulted in the excommunication of George Ḥabīb Bibāwī from the Coptic Orthodox...


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