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The author describes a visit to pharaonic, Christian and Islamic sites in the governorates of Assiut and Sohag.
The writer argues that the current regulation in the Coptic Orthodox Church governing the selection and election of a new pope contains a number of gross breaches and contradictory violations of laws of the church and the principle of the "right of the people to elect their patron," and calls for...
An article describing the route of the Holy Family.
The author points to the importance of Egypt in the Biblical history and that many of God’s great men once took refuge in Egypt. He outlines the Coptic tradition of the route of the Holy Family during their time in Egypt and suggests that the sites that were visited by the Holy Family should be...
Mir Qibly is an Egyptian village which lies in the heart of the Qasqam mountain which is near Assiut in Upper Egypt. This is where the Holy Family lived for one hundred and eighty-five days in order to avoid King Herod who was hunting for them.
The governor of Al-Minya governorate talks to Rose El-Youssef magazine about the current state of communal relations between Muslims and Copts, as well as fundamentalism and fanaticism in the governorate.
An Arabic newspaper looks at "rebel monks", their activities and accusations, and the response of the leadership (including Pope Shenouda III) to their charges.
A response to Milad Sobhi’s claims that the law of the Old Testament is an Egyptian law and it is not true that it is a Jewish law as well as some of his other claims.
Dr. Mamdouh Al-Biltagi, minister of tourism says that it there is much interest by tourists worldwide in the route taken in Egypt by the Holy Family, especially as the Millennium celebrations draw near.
Few people are aware of the preparations that Egypt is making to commemorate the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt during their search for safety from oppression.


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