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The article is an attack on the Coptic Orthodox refusal to accept the baptism of the Coptic Catholic and Coptic Evangelical churches in Egypt. However, claims are made that Orthodox priests say are factually not true. Some Orthodox priests were consulted and their comments are found in the...
Currently, however, a small booklet about "El-Isra’ and Me’rag" (night journey and ascension to heaven) is being distributed among Christian youth as an old, medieval, document authored by an old Syrian Orthodox bishop. The story resembles the night journey and ascension to heaven of the prophet...
Inside and outside the church everybody is watching. They are asking whether Pope Shenouda will give a permission for remarriage to Ghatas, as the sentence of the law stated, or he will not give it to him.
The author is highly critical of this Coptic human rights activist.
After the passage of more than 20 years since the first attempt at issuing a unified Personal Status Law binding all Christian denominations, an agreement has finally been reached in the last couple of days. Rose al-Yūsif obtained the full text of the Personal Status Law for the Copts and describes...
Because Sinai is the holy land where God appeared and witnessed the journeys of the prophets, this land at the beginning of the following year will become the greatest religious tourist place in the world.
As part of its millennium celebrations, Egypt is working on a project to revive the path of the Holy Family through the country.
The court of personal affairs in Cairo passed an order that Pope Shenouda should give his permission for one of the Copts to remarry. Pope Shenouda refuses.
Pope Shenouda invited all the Christians to make the pilgrimage to Egypt because of the places the Holy Family visited in Egypt.
His Holiness Pope Shinūdā III the heads and representatives of Christian churches in Egypt to endorse the "Unified Personal Status Bill" before its submission by His Holiness to the Minister of Justice for consideration.


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