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A response to Milad Sobhi’s claims that the law of the Old Testament is an Egyptian law and it is not true that it is a Jewish law as well as some of his other claims.
Dr. Mamdouh Al-Biltagi, minister of tourism says that it there is much interest by tourists worldwide in the route taken in Egypt by the Holy Family, especially as the Millennium celebrations draw near.
Few people are aware of the preparations that Egypt is making to commemorate the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt during their search for safety from oppression.
Embraced by Al-Muqattam Mountain and in the middle of ’Ezbet Al-Zabaleen, or the Garbage Collectors settlement and in spite of poverty and lack of services, they (Egyptians) have cut into the stone of the mountain and created with their hands a human-made miracle at the Monastery of Sam’aan Al-...
Following the spread of the rumor of appearances of the Virgin Mary at the Coptic Orthodox Church in Al-Minya Al-Qamh, Al-Sharqeyya Governorate, Pope Shenouda called for an investigation. The committee concluded that there have not been appearances.
[Father Abd Al-Sayyid is the Pastor of Mari Girgis church in Hadayik Al-Maadi] The curse of Christ is still following the Jews up till today and it will follow them until they repent and give back the rights of the people, which they have stolen.
[Father Abd Al-Sayyid is the Pastor of Mari Girgis church in Hadayik Al-Maadi] Keeping silent was the doctrine of Jesus Christ as he refused to defend himself against all the lies and the claims that were exposed against him.
The Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Information will take part in the production of a movie about Jesus Christ and the Holy Family’s visit to Egypt. The movie will be directed by Sameeha Al-Ghounaamy.
The Pentagono certificates were especially widespread among Protestant Christians, including the Maadi Community Church. Thousands and thousands have participated but the claim in several papers that 300 million US$ was taken out of the country seems to be exaggerated. Was the number inflated to...
A summary of the perceived legislative errors of the 1938 Personal Status Law from the viewpoint of Egyptian Christians.


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