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Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Amr Moussa, welcomed the report of the New York Council of Churches, using it as proof that there is no difference between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.
The Pope prevents a priest form communion before he dies and banns prayers for him, because of his opposition to the church leadership.
An article criticizing the intervention of the Congress in Muslim Christian relations in Egypt.
A commentary on the report by the New York Churches Council.
MP Edward Ghali El-Dahabi spoke in Parliament against the American Religious Persecution Act.
Review of a book on the nature of relationships between the Pope and Anwar Al-Sadat.
An article on the nature of relationships between Muslims, Copts and Copts abroad.
The author claims that superstitions are spreading to the Coptic churches abroad. For example characteristics are attributed to saints which are in conflict with historical evidence. For example Copts believe saint Abu Sefein spoke an Upper Egyptian dialect of Coptic while in fact he was from Asia...
Briefing on New York Churches council’s visit to Egypt saying Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt are very different from what is said and published in the USA.
Gamal Asad discovered that some Copts refuse to view themselves as Arabs and writes about the implications of them considering themselves as the only real Egyptians and Muslims not. The notion is not only dangerous but also false.


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