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Pope Shenouda III assured that a deviated minority of Copts abroad does not represent all Egyptian Copts abroad.
The author does not think that what happened in the village of Koshh had anything to do with religious persecution because religious persecution means forcing people to change their religious beliefs, and this did not happen in the village. Foreign Copts have rushed too fast in organizing their...
The General Guide of the Ikhwan Al-Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood) did not answer the questions of Dr. Sai’d Al-Nagar, head of the liberal ’New Call Society’, the [human rights]lawyer Maurice Sadek, and Hazem Al-Kilani, from a splinter group of the brotherhood and one of the founders of Al-Wasat (...
The statement issued on the incidents of Al-Kussh Village by Pope Shenouda III, last Friday after a series of negotiations with the heads of the state security.
We call on all Christians in Egypt to condemn what is being said and written in the foreign media concerning persecution of Copts in Egypt.
Bishop Bakhoum of Sohag, Maragha and Al-Munsha’a said that the statement of Pope Shenouda III confirmed that what happened in the Al-Koshh events was an ordinary incident, and it has nothing to do with Egypt’s national unity. What foreign papers published were exaggerations that defame Egypt, and...
Priests and prominent Christian figures of both Al-Kushh village and Sohag governorate sent a message to all Egyptians and Copts in the country and abroad describing the Sunday Telegraph’s report as being false and biased.
Al-Wafd paper spent 15 hours in Al-Kushh village accompanied by Bishop Wissa. In an interview with the bishop, he answered a number of inquiries about the village’s events.
It was called Theb Nethr in Pharaonic times when it was the political capital of the twelfth province of the Delta. Today, Samanud is better known as one of the sites visited by the Holy Family during the Flight into Egypt.
It was not a coincidence that the British Sunday Telegraph, owned by the Jewish media moguls, has launched a fierce campaign against Egypt and its national unity at this particular time.


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