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Learning to think about religion/religions in a multi-disciplinary way Understanding the concept of “sacred history” Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Interpretations of sacred history
“Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it is the time to pause and reflect”   Questions are always asked. Who is better? Who will win? What’s next? Do we need to emigrate? Why there are conflicts? Are the Egyptians aware enough to avoid these questions? Or do they skip points like...
On Saturday 30th June, the Summer School Group visited the Salam Medical Centre in Qanatir. The Salam Medical Centre is a living example of how Muslim-Christian cooperation can function to help the wider community and create peacebuilding opportunities. Students enjoyed a talk and a guided tour at...
On Sunday July 1st., the summer school group left the dormitories to attend a service in All Saints Cathedral (Anglican-Episcopal) in Zamalek, Cairo. 
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ghobashy, a lecturer of modern and contemporary history at the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, proposed on July 3rd that Egypt can be seen as the cradle of religions. 
On the evening of 3rd July, the Summer School students watched the thought-provoking film One Hand: The Movie, an intense film focusing on Muslim-Christian relations in revolutionary Egypt, following the January 2011 bombing of the Coptic Orthodox Two Saints Church in the city of Alexandria.
The Egyptian Cabinet's committee charged with looking into the status of unlicensed churches to grant them legality has approved on 2 April 2020 the legalization of a new batch of houses of worship.
al-Sādah al-Ashrāf Syndicate expressed its gratitude towards the doctors and their heroic role in fighting the Coronavirus in Egypt. The syndicate criticised the incident that took place in that in Shubra al-Bahaw village, when some people rejected the burial of a female doctor who had died from...
The Ministry of Endowments banned the preacher, ʿAbdullāh Rushdī, from the imamate following a controversial post on Facebook in relation to the well-known heart surgeon Majdī Yaʿqūb. In the post ʿAbdullāh Rushdī spoke of the corrupted faith of Christians. 
The role that ʿAwaḍ ʿIryān mosque plays in Banī Suwayf City is no less than the role that the biggest mosques in the governorate play.  ʿAwaḍ ʿIryān mosque is considered a genuine symbol for the region of “Muqbil” where a Christian majority lives.


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