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Professional British musician Martin Orbidans was so moved by the needs of children and youth with large learning gaps, that he decided to offer music lessons at the CAWU Learning Center. Students who can afford to pay will pay and with these payments Martin will contribute to the costs of the...
Shaykh Ahmad al-Tayyib, Grand Imām of al-Azhar, awarded outstanding students of al-AzharUniversity with appreciation letters, tablets, and cash prizes and distinguished them as future pioneers of al-Azhar.
Yesterday, the Council of Ministers agreed upon some changes in laws concerning the reorganization of the al-Azhar and its bodies.
Dr. Abāss Shūmān, Deputy of the Azhar met with the heads of the educational section of the Azhar to examine the preparations for the new academic year.
Hussayn Yāssin the general director of the Azhar dormitories stated that more than 1500 requested have been received from students wishing to live in the dorms.
Selecting a school is a headache for many Egyptians.
The Minister of Endowments Muhammad Mukhtār Jum’ah assured of the need to revise the Azharite syllabi as well as the laws and regulations. 
Shaykh Muhammad ‘Abd al- Rāziq, head of the religious sector in the Ministry of Endowments, said that the Ministry will start during the coming period to form a committee of supreme scholars in al-Azhar. 
Al- Azhar Shaykh Ahmad al- Tayyib, in a visit to the site of the Suez Canal, stated that building the new canal is a form of jihad and an application of the civility of Islam and its tolerance.
In his speech delivered at the ‘Love and Peace’ ceremony, al-Azhar professor of comparative jurisprudence, Dr. Shaykh Aḥmad Karīma, stressed that Egypt is the homeland for all its citizens, Muslims and Christians. Karīma reiterated that Egypt has long neglected the Coptic era in its school...


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