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The Committee responsible for receiving the applications for the post of the AzharUniversity president stated that today is the deadline for receiving all applications.
Dr. Muhammad Abd al- Shāfī, vice president of al- Azhar University, has been delegated to become the caretaker of the university
From July 26 to July 7, the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development and the Center for Arab-West Understanding, jointly administered a highly successful intercultural summer school. The school was sponsored through the SGP party (Reformed Political Party) in the Netherlands, who support...
Grand Imām of the Azhar Doctor Ahmad al-Tayyib has commissioned the gathering of recordings and episodes disseminated recently regarding the denial or claim of lack of proof of ‘adhāb al-qabr (torment inflicted by God on unbelievers in their tombs from death until the Day of Judgment)
The Ministry of Endowments has announced that it has opened the door for the study and research of all that is related to develop jurisprudence and issues of the modern era.
According to al-Azhar University’s regulations, once the current university president’s tenure comes to an end, the longest-serving vice-president temporarily assumes the role as president.
«Islam shall be the State’s religion and Arabic its official language» is the formulation of Article 149 of Egypt’s constitution of 1923, and which Ṭāha Ḥusayn warned of as being a threat that jeopardized both the political life and the freedoms of the human being. The dean of Arabic language and...
Pope Tawāḍrūs II has inaugurated the Care and Education Institute after it has been renovated.
The Egyptian Cabinet approved a draft resolution submitted by the presidency on what concerns the memorandum of understanding with the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.


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