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The Grand Muftī, Shawqī Allām, has called for an immediate end to all military operations that the Israeli forces are carrying out against Gaza. He requested the Arab World, UN and international community intervene immediately to end the air strikes of the Israeli Occupation
The Azhar has denounced the barbaric attacks launched by the Israel against the Palestinian people, he assured that the Arabs and Muslims will not be patient for long. 
Dr. Ādil Adawy Minister of  Health and Population has announced that the Egyptian hospitals have announced 11 injured people from Gaza. 
84 people martyred and 538 were injured in the Israeli Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. The resistance responded by bombing Tel Aviv with rockets. Benjamin Netenyahu, Israeli Prime Minister announced on his part a land operation to the strip.
Recently the General Congregation Council of the Coptic Orthodox Church [al-Majlis al-Milli] has resurfaced after Pope Tawāḍrūs II met with its members for discussing the attack on al-Sulṭān Monastery [Dayr al-Sulṭān] that took place last Sunday. Before the meeting, the Council issued a statement...
Ahmad al- Mughir, known publicly as the “man of Khairat al- Shāttir” has criticized those who attack Ansār Bayt al- Maqdis after its terrorist attacks.
The Azhar denounced the storming of the Aqsá mosque by rabbi Yehuda Glick accompanied by a group of Jewish settlers and protected by special units of the Israeli police. 
The Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt issued a statement concerning the Deir al-Sultan Monastery [Dayr al-Sulṭān] in which she confirms her good relations with churches of other denominations worldwide. The church further explained the historical background of Dayr al-Sulṭān in Jerusalem, saying: “...
Catholic Pope Francis called upon the Palestinian and Israeli presidents, Mahmūd Abāss and Shimon Peres to visit the Vatican to pray together for peace.
Catholic Pope Francis I has arrived to Jordan in a visit that is the fourth of its kind in the last 50 years. 


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