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Khalīl discusses the reasons behind the violence and discrimination against Copts in Egypt. He blames the government, the Coptic community, and the Muslim majority, and calls on Copts to make their voices heard in international human rights and media organizations. He stresses the significance of...
The article discusses the case of two Christian girls whose father has converted to Islam. A court ruling has ordered that their mother hand over her two children to their father so that they can be raised as Muslims.
The Administrative Judicial Court has rejected 105 out of the 400 lawsuits presented by converts who want to officially re-embrace Christianity.
Hānī Labīb suggests a number of measures by which a convert from one religion to another could be accepted in society.
The article reports on recent verdict of the Supreme Administrative Court that obliges the Ministry of Interior to officially acknowledge the conversion to Christianity on the identity cards of Christian-born converts to Islam.
The authors discuss the issue of unifying the Adhān, whether it is a legitimate step or it contradicts Islamic Sharī‘ah. They quote the opinions of Muslim scholars on the issue.
The Shūrá Council has agreed to acknowledge a four-article bill prohibiting demonstrations in houses of worship. Opposition, as well as religious figures, accuse the draft law of stifling freedom.
The article tells the story of two Christian sisters – Bahīyah and Shādīyah – who are officially recorded as Muslims since their father secretly converted to Islam in 1964. As he was afraid of the riddah, the father chose to make a forged identity card for himself as well as two birth certificates...
The article discusses the General Citizenship Conference, and the resulting Egyptian Declaration of Citizenship.
Samīr Marqus discusses the social reality in Egypt, the Coptic file, citizenship and the laws and rulings issued regarding building churches in Egypt at the present time.


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