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A court ruling has given Mario and Andrew’s Muslim father custody of his two Christian children
The Community Council of the Coptic Orthodox Church conducted amendments to the Personal Status Law of Copts known as the law of 1938. The Egyptian media shed light on the issue and the different reactions to it.
Fahmī Huwaydī comments on the state of emergency announced in Egypt.
Dr. ‘Abd al-Mu‘tī Bayyūmī writes about the Islamic point of view regarding women as witnesses.
The article presents oppositions against a recent legislation that aims at amending the Child Law.
The NCHR has called for the removal of the religion section in official papers in order to comply with the constitutional principle of citizenship.
In the article, Hibah al-Sharqāwī reviews a number of laws which she believes are meant to silence the opposition against the political regime.
The author comments on the personal status law for Christians, and questions why it has remained shelved for 30 years.
The author writes that Egypt has agreed to criminalize polygamy that was underlined in the final recommendations of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly that was recently held in Athens, Greece.
The article details the findings presented by the National Council for Human Rights on the condition of human rights in Egypt.


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