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The author reviews a newly released book about the relationship between freedom and political reform.
The Muftī of Egypt Dr ‘Alī Jum‘ah issued a controversial fatwá that a pregnant woman whose husband had died or left for four years cannot be considered an adulteress.
Subtitles:- I never play with my words or dress them up, I just take care of everything.- America feels easy at heart with some Islamic tendencies. It even defends their interests.- The security system will not stand still towards violence.- I am not an Islamic writer, but a Muslim writer.- Wearing...
The author discusses how hadīth was recorded at the time of the Prophet Muhammad.
Dr. ‘Alī Jumu‘ah mentions the sources of Islamic legislation.
The author outlines a number of views on the controversial issue of whether to remove the religion reference from Egyptian identity documents.
Muhammad ‘Alī Ibrāhīm analyzes the Muslim Brotherhood’s demand to make Islamic law, Sharī‘ah, the only source of legislation in the Egyptian Constitution.
Claims that the police are continuing to hold those detained during the Alexandria riots, despite their having been proven innocent. A case is presented of a young Christian man who cares for his blind siblings who has been imprisoned without any legal right.
The article is on the arrest of 22 terrorists and the killing of seven during clashes between policemen and members of a group, al-Tawhīd wa al- Jihād, suspected of masterminding the Dahab and al-Joura bombings that claimed the lives of a few tourists and many Egyptians in Sinai.
In this article, the author discusses the latest crisis of the ‘Document of Religious Rights’, signed by the Azhar, which he claims allows proselytizing. The author believes that such problems could be avoided by involving the Islamic Research Academy further in such matters.


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