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A nearly forgotten people of the book, the Sabaean sect in Iraq adheres to its traditions while stressing what it has in common with Islam. They prefer to call themselves mindaa’ii "those who know", or Mandaeans, from manda, their word for temple.
This Freedom from Religious Persecution Act gives America the right to interfere in diplomatic ways to the concerned governments and if a government does not respond, it is the right of the U.S. administration to impose any sanctions that it (the U.S.) sees fit. The author stresses that several...
The RNSAW consulted Dr. Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi, head of the College of Religious Fundamentals (’usul el-Din) about Rashad Khalifa and Ahmed Sobhy Mansour and the attacks on them in al-Ahrar.
The Jewish groups didn’t stop their war against Islam aiming at distorting its image. A year ago, a Jewish woman supported by thousands of Jews made fun of the Prophet Mohammed, picturing him as a pig.
The author is asking why the Islamic leaders of Egypt have not commented on Dr. Sayed El-Qimni’s remarks which they consider in violation with Islam.
Profile of the left wing sheik, Khalil Abdel Karim


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