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Al-Dustūr reports on the recent decision taken by the court concerning Bahā’īs and Muslim converts to Christianity
Hānī Samīrclaims the National Democratic Party (NDP) contributes to fitnah among Egyptians
The author discusses the dangerous rise in sectarian strife in Egypt.
Egypt’s State film censors ban a film dealing with the niqāb because it ’defames Islam and state policy’.
The American University in Cairo organized a cultural evening on interfaith dialogue.
Al-Dustūr reports on the new decree allowing Bahā’īs to produce new identification certificates with a "-" in front of the religion entry.
Watani reports on the recent Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination conference that was held in the Egyptian capital.
More details were published about the recent incidents against Bahā’īs in al-Shūrānīyah village. Bahā’īs are eager to proclaim their religious rights, and the media seem to be keeping the issue in the spotlight.
On April 2 Bahā’īs in an Upper Egyptian village were attacked by Muslim residents of the village after people from neighboring towns teased them for having Bahā’īs living among them.
Young people attack Bahā’īs’ houses in an Upper Egyptian village.


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