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On Sunday, September 26, Ambassador Aḥmad Abū  Zayd, the Egyptian ambassador to Canada, participated in a celebration held by the Missisauga City Council to honour Archpriest Anjīlūs Saʿad,  pastor of the Coptic Orthodox Church “Virgin Mary and St. Athanasius”. 
Bishop Daniel of Sydney is now subject to a police investigation following allegations of serious fraud within the church.
The Monastery of Saint Bīshāy in Sūhāj , also known as “The Red Monastery”, welcomed today, Jonathan Cohen, US Ambassador with the American Aid official and the director of the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE).
Why do we often talk about Copts and the 1952 Revolution? Was the revolution at that time against the Copts as a religious sect, as if we still lived in the Ottoman confessional system? Was the revolution against the interests of the feudal and capitalist class of the Copts alone?  Do we measure...
The Coptic Church celebrated today the feast of Jesus’ entry into Egypt. Pope Tawāḍrūs performed a mass to commemorate this occasion at Abū Sirja Church in Old Cairo, where the Holy Family resided during its stay in Egypt.
Pope Francis’s visit to Iraq and his meetings with political and religious leaders is a powerful move by the pope to spread peace and bring hope to a country where there appears to be no limit to its suffering.  However, the trip is also a powerful reminder of the trial and tribulations of...
Dr Muḥammad Mukhtār Jumaʿa, Minister of Awqāf (religious endowments), received a letter from His Holiness Pope Francis, the Pope of the Catholic Church, on the International Day of Peace regarding cooperation to promote a culture of humanitarian peace.
Pope Tawāḍrūs II had a phone call with Pope Francis on Sunday in celebration of the Day of Brotherly Love held on May 10th between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. 
Several Coptic Orthodox Church dioceses across North America held meetings and conferences recently to discuss sexual abuse within the church. Father Būlus Ḥalīm, the official spokesman for the Coptic Orthodox Church, said that the Diocese of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia in...
Pope Tawāḍrūs II stressed that establishing a diocese for American and Canadian youth could impact and influence the Coptic Orthodox Church’s service to young people.  The idea stems from a youth diocese that Pope Shinūda III established around 40 years ago.


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