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For the past 40 years, the church has been Copts’ sole refuge and Pope Shenouda III has been a religious leader and political intellectual thinking for all the congregation that the Christians have come down to only one person, the late patriarch. 
A deadline set by the Coptic Orthodox Church to receive contests against candidates for the papal chair of St. Mark will expire on Sunday (September 30), so the contests submitted already during the past couple of weeks may be examined. 
There has been much talk about mass emigration of Copts after the Islamists have made it to power but it seems there are some who make mountains out of molehills, in other words secularists who refuse the sharī’ah and claimed that the Netherlands has opened its doors for Coptic asylum seekers....
A decision by the Dutch government on July 11, 2012 was all about facilitating procedures for asylum by Egyptian Christians, not at all about announcing the reception of asylum seekers. 
Controversy has been recently dominating the Egyptian street after reports that verses of the Bible will be included into the syllabi of the third secondary grade of education amidst objections by hard-line Islamists
An Egyptian league comprising Sufi Orders and Copts accused the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafī movements of trying to spread sedition in Egypt and divide the nation through a Zionist scheme. 
A high-level source in the Vatican said Cairo has sent a request nominating Public Prosecutor ‘Abd al-Majīd Mahmūd for the post of ambassador to it more than 15 days ago, before a court acquitted defendants involved in case of assaults on protesters on February 2, 2011, known in the media as the...
The Vatican, during a weekly sermon by Pope Benedict XVI of the Roman Catholic Church, in which he used Arabic for the first time in a bid to have larger communication with Christians and Muslims in the Middle East, expressed concerns about the emigration of the region’s Christians for their own...
Pope Tawadros II also received congratulations from Shaykh Hāzim Salāh Abū Ismā’īl, the disqualified presidential candidate, and Minister of Culture Muhammad Sābir ‘Arab. 
Dr. Rev. Munīr Ḥanna, Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Egypt, North Africa and the Horn of Africa, said that the West is phobic of Islam and associate it with terrorism because of those who implement their own misconceptions of Islam.


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