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Prominent Christians and organizations worldwide voiced their alarm as the city of Mosul was emptied of Christians for the first time in the history of Iraq. The Egyptian Orthodox Church condemned the forced displacement of Christians from Mosul, while Pope Francis expressed his feelings of shame...
The World Association for al-Azhar Graduates (WAAG) received on Wednesday a delegation of Franciscan friars. The unprecedent visit to the WAAG was “a fruitful encounter that aims at maintaining national security through developing a sense of citizenry and national unity,” member of al-Azhar’s...
Fr. Isisaurus al-Samuely, priest of MarMorcosChurch in Zurich, Switzerland,stated that Egypt about 12 million Christian citizens, and that there is no possibility that all of them seek asylum within Europe. 
Pope Tawadros has issued new decisions with respect to the organization of the church in Egypt and abroad.
Pope Tawadros led in a church in Canada the prayers of the Nayrūz Feast (Coptic New Year) which was attended by a number of Coptic priests. 
Pope Francis has urged the followers of the Catholic Church to continue evangelizing the world. He stated that a Christian that stops evangelizing is like a man sick in his creed (Author not mentioned, al- Fath, Feb. 21. p. 11). Read original text online in Arabic.  
According to Italian newspaper La Republica, the Catholic Pope Francis stated that reliable data states that 2 per cent of the clergy in the Catholic Church are sexually attracted to children. 
Pope Tawadros has put the corner stone of the fist Papal See abroad. 
Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, arrived in Cairo yesterday as the head of a delegation from London for a two-day visit. It is his second visit to Egypt since his inauguration in March 2013. He met Pope Tawadros II and high ranking officials from al-Azhar and other institutions. Sources...
In an official visit to the Coptic Orthodox Church, a delegation of the Greek Orthodox Church arrived yesterday evening.


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