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Learning to think about religion/religions in a multi-disciplinary way Understanding the concept of “sacred history” Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Interpretations of sacred history
“Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it is the time to pause and reflect”   Questions are always asked. Who is better? Who will win? What’s next? Do we need to emigrate? Why there are conflicts? Are the Egyptians aware enough to avoid these questions? Or do they skip points like...
On Friday 29th July, the summer school students went back in time to explore the strikingly unique and enigmatic ancient Egyptian culture. As inquisitive students, I think that we all share an interest in the past, and we were therefore curious to delve into the mysterious and majestic lives of the...
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ghobashy, a lecturer of modern and contemporary history at the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, proposed on July 3rd that Egypt can be seen as the cradle of religions. 
The Louvre Museum in Paris holds a fragment of ivory, dating back to the early 7th century, depicting St. Mark enthroned in the foreground and surrounded by his successors as Patriarch assembled together under the Alexandria gateway.  In the background, observing the holy gathering below them, are...
The Supreme Constitutional Court issued a statement saying that remarks from the President’s Office, which accuse the Court of being a “counter-revolutionary” force trying to topple the gains of the Revolution, are slanderous and constitute a criminal act. 
Amid dense security measures of police and armed forces, al-Gharbia Governorate witnessed a large turnout in several of it cities, whereas the number of voters in the village was not as large. It was reported that judges who were due to supervise the voting arrived late. Noteworthy is the large...
Priest Yūsuf Subhī of the Mār Jirgis Church in Rafah, which was devastated during the incidents of the January 25, 2011 revolution, said after sessions were held with the tribal chiefs and security officials, the first mass service will be held inside the church on Sunday (October 7).
In a new book on the roots of the Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt, Fr. Stefanos Daniel [Istīfānūs Daniyāl] presents historical facts that, according to him, have been long neglected by historians. 
The director of the documentary film ‘The Nazi Brotherhood’, Jīhān Yiḥyā, said, that the film is the most powerful presented in Arabic language in terms of its success in evidencing the secret relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood Organization (MBO) and the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, which...
In cooperation with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s (BA) Centre for Coptic Studies, Bayt al-Sinnārī (Sennari House) in the district of al-Sayīdah Zaynab (el-Sayeda Zeinab) in Cairo will host an open-day for the public to celebrate the annual Coptic Heritage Day on Thursday from 10 am till 7 pm.
Political and social theorist Sir Isaiah Berlin famously compared nationalism to a ‘bent twig’, ‘forced down so severely that when released, it lashed back with fury’ (Berlin 1972).
Ismā’īl Pasha who ruled Egypt from 1863 to 1879 decided to give women the right to education. He established the first school for Muslim girls in Cairo, and in the entire Near East. 
The fifth Alawi ruler over Egypt, Khedive Ismā’īl is also called the second founder of Modern Egypt after his grandfather Muḥammad ʿAlī who launched Egypt's modernization project that involved building a new army and suggesting a new map for the country.
Egyptian [Christian] professor of History and dean of the Faculty of Art of the Helwan University, Zebeida Attalla [Zubaydā ʿAṭāllah] presented her book Qubtī fī al-ʿAṣr al-Islāmī (‘A Copt In the Islamic Era’), stressing that she used both Muslim and Coptic references to support the historical...
  In an effort to raise public awareness of Asyut’s history and culture, the Governor of the Middle Egyptian city, Eng. Yāsir al-Dusūqī stressed on the importance of domestic tourism and praised the tours organized by the Regional Authority for Tourism Promotion to the historical sites of Asyut.  
Christian denominations exhorted President Muhammad Mursī that school syllabi include all epochs of Egyptian history, including the Coptic one, said Dr. Safwat al-Bayādī, the head of the Coptic Evangelical church.
The first Egyptian woman to work in costume and scenic design for theatre, Sakina Mohamed Ali [Sakīna Muḥammad ʿAlī], died Tuesday at the age of 85. 
Egyptian Priests Who Enriched The Egyptian History
Media anchor Aḥmad Mūsā said that the Crescent and the Cross, standing side by side in the St. Catherine Monastery is unparalleled in the world. 


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