Newsclippings from International Sources

Date of source Title Source
2013-05-27 We Feel the Suffering of Christians in Egypt, Says Austrian Minister christianpost
2013-05-22 Arab Uprisings Hijacked By Sectarianism Al-Monitor
2013-05-18 Egypt to try Coptic teacher for 'insulting religion' FRANCE 24
2013-05-11 : Egyptian interior minister: Al Qaeda cell plotted suicide attack against... The Long War Journal
2013-05-10 Suffering will strengthen Egypt's Christians, Pope assures Coptic leader CWN
2013-05-04 In Queens, Finding Refuge From Unrest in Egypt New York Times
2013-05-02 New sectarian fault lines drawn in Egypt now
2013-05-01 Ten-Year-Old Coptic Deacon Kidnapped for Ransom jihadwatch
2013-05-01 Raymond Ibrahim: Death to Churches Under Islam: A Study of the Coptic Church jihadwatch
2013-05-01 Violent Sectarian Strife Erupts Again in Egypt aina
2013-04-26 New video shows Egyptian police allowing deadly attack on Coptic cathedral --... Jihad Watch
2013-04-21 Copts’ Uneasy State Relations The Majalla Magazine
2013-04-16 Questions Surround Unity of Egypt’s National Salvation Front Al-Monitor
2013-04-15 Egypt: Copt Demands Right to Religious Holidays
2013-04-02 Egyptian Author Alaa Al-Aswany On Situation Of Copts In Egypt Memri
2013-03-19 Sectarianizing Foreign Policy In Egypt Al-Monitor
2013-03-16 On the Egyptian opposition The Arabist
2013-03-10 Morsi Moves Election Day in Egypt to Avoid Holiday Conflict
2013-03-04 Economic experts: ‘Collapse’ of economy imminent if presidency continues to... Daily News Egypt