Newsclippings from International Sources

Date of source Title Source
2013-03-02 Libyan official: 50 Egyptians accused of spreading Christianity to be deported AP
2013-03-01 Egyptian Muslims clash with police amid tensions AFP
2013-02-28 Dozens of Egyptian Christians Arrested in Libya Charged With Proselytization MidEast Christian News
2013-02-28 Christians in Libya, Egypt arrested and tortured, Sherif Ramses identified The Global Dispatch
2013-02-27 Egypt in political clinch as economic cliff looms Reuters
2013-02-25 Egypt: Court Releases Preacher Detained for Blasphemy
2013-02-25 Bible-burning Egyptian Islamist freed on bail AFP
2013-02-25 Another Brotherhood Attack Against Freedom in Egypt - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of... Al-Monitor
2013-02-25 The Military Cannot Save Egypt Al-Monitor
2013-02-24 Egypt’s Culture of Violence Al-Monitor
2013-02-23 Press Explosion in Egypt Brewing Trouble? Brookings Institution
2013-02-22 Can The Political Crisis In Egypt Actually Be Resolved? Al-Monitor
2013-02-21 Top News: Egypt Passes Electoral Law, Paves Way for Elections Atlantic Council
2013-02-20 ‘No’ to Political Violence, Because… Atlantic Council
2013-02-20 First-Ever Conference Expressing Support For Iran's Arab-Sunni Minority... MEMRI
2013-02-18 On the Arrest of Egypt's Abu Islam bariatwan
2013-02-16 Police launch campaign to rescue street children MENA
2013-02-16 One dead, 26 injured as protests sweep Egypt strategic-culture
2013-02-15 Learning to Stare at the Sun acus
2013-02-15 Preacher alarms many Egyptians with calls for Islamist vice police FaithWorld