Newsclippings from International Sources

Date of source Title Source
2013-02-14 Egypt, Muslim Youth Believed Responsible Two Christian Coptic Girls Disappear... MidEast Christian News
2013-02-13 Religious intolerance in Egypt religioustolerance
2013-02-13 USA: Egypt Needs To Do More On Religious Tolerance Islamist sheikhs have...
2013-02-12 Egypt's 'Christian Winter' Christian Post
2013-02-11 U.S. says Egypt needs to move fast to fix economy Reuters
2013-02-11 Egyptian preacher detracts statement on killing opposition members AL ARABIYA
2013-02-11 Islamists Announce Fatwa to Kill Opponents of Egypt's Muslim President... MIDEAST CHRISTIAN NEWS
2013-02-09 Egypt court orders YouTube block over anti-Islam film AFP
2013-02-09 Fear of assassinations haunt Egypt opposition AP
2013-02-08 The Egyptian Civilizational Model Atlantic Council
2013-02-07 Prison sentences for two Christians in Egypt Christian Today
2013-02-07 The State of Excessive Police Violence Against Civilians Atlantic Council
2013-02-07 Egypt's government nearing end of the road, says ex-PM Reuters
2013-02-06 Freedom and Justice Party Offers New Projects to Serve Egyptian Citizens ikhwanweb
2013-02-06 Coptic pope criticizes Islamist influence on Egypt’s constitution Catholic Culture
2013-02-05 Interview: Egyptian Pastor on the Revolution, Coptic-Evangelical Unity, Muslim... Christian Post
2013-02-05 AP Interview: Egypt's pope criticizes Islamists AP
2013-02-04 Egypt clashes continue as curfew defied
2013-02-04 Egypt Conflict Alert INTERNATIONAL CRISIS...
2013-02-04 The Muslim sisterhood FT Magazine