Newsclippings from International Sources

Date of source Title Source
2015-09-14 Candidate applications lower than past elections: Election monitors Egypt Independent
2015-09-14 A Jewish Sisi, masonic MB? Egypt’s crazy conspiracy theories are no joke Al Arabiya
2015-09-11 Al-Sisi's Egypt Challenged: Revealing The U.S. Senate Struggle With Kerry... Forbes
2015-09-11 Freedom and Justice Party calls on UN to investigate human rights crisis in... Middle East Monitor
2015-09-10 Egypt: 680 death sentences handed down since 3 July 2013 Middle East Monitor
2015-09-10 Their pain is our shame Daily News Egypt
2015-09-10 Detained without charge: Families of Egypt's political prisoners '... ABC News
2015-09-10 Egyptian Leader Of Freedom And Justice Party Killed Amid Ongoing Crackdown On... International Business...
2015-09-09 Tourists remain frightened by militant action but government poses its own... Daily News Egypt
2015-09-09 Generation Jail Jerusalem Post
2015-09-09 Egypt State Information Service (Cairo) Egypt: Islam Religion of Peace,... All Africa
2015-09-09 Egyptian Soldiers Shot 8-Year-Old Syrian Girl Then Refused To Offer Medical... MintPressNews
2015-09-09 Government should use economy to improve people’s livelihood: German Embassy... Daily News Egypt
2015-09-09 ‘Interior ministry values human rights': Abdel Ghaffar Daily News Egypt
2015-09-09 The more Egypt does for itself, the more we can do for Egypt: EU Ambassador... Daily News Egypt
2015-09-09 Rights activists condemn Egypt's 'extrajudicial killings' of... Middle East Monitor
2015-09-08 High-profile figures line up to register for Egypt's parliamentary polls Ahramonline
2015-09-08 In Egypt, Muslim Soldiers Slaughtering Their Fellow Christian Platoon Mates... PJMedia
2015-09-03 ISIS Issues Dhimma Contract For Christians To Sign, Orders Them To Pay Jizyah MEMRI
2015-08-31 How the Islamic World was Forged: An Exercise in Common Sense How most of the... Frontpage Magazine