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The article talks about the current contest between Islamists and secularists of Turkey over a recent constitutional amendment that has aimed at the removal of the ban on wearing the hijāb in universities.
Waḥīd Ḥāmid compares the Islamic Justice and Development Party [AKP] in Turkey, which has reached power, and the Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt. He believes that the Turkish party has managed to attain power by concerning themselves with the real problems of people, unlike Islamists in Egypt...
The authors discuss the establishment of a new “Union for Freedom” party. Muntas...
The article discusses the political failure of the banned Muslim Brotherhood that tends to raise less important issues merely to gain media fame rather than any real political presence in society.
The banned Muslim Brotherhood is still using the slogan "Islam is the solution," although religious slogans are now forbidden under the latest constitutional amendments.
The author discusses the situation of Muslims in Turkey, and the increasing levels of restrictions being imposed upon them.
The Turkish Parliament approved a draft law that allows women to wear the hijāb at Turkish universities. While advocates of the law consider it a step forward, opponents believe that it is a threat to the secular nature of the Turkish republic.
The Western world is distinguished with a very important advantage, represented in the ability to find alternatives when their plans fail to achieve their aims. Western countries, however, suffer a fatal defect when it comes to other societies as they believe what yield benefits to the West should...
The author discusses the different challenges Turkey is facing with its pursuit of European membership.
The article deals with the shift in US policy from their rejection of dialogue with Islamists to their welcoming them in power, as a way to guarantee that American interests in the area remain intact.


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