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The testimony of Field Marshal Hussein Tantāwī, the head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, as a witness in the trial of former president Husnī Mubārak, has been postponed to September 24, judicial sources said yesterday.
AWR's intern Toon Bijnens analyzes the media coverage on the church of Two Martyrs St. Mina and St. George incident.   The church is located in Sūl village of 'Ātfīh (Governorate of Helwan). Angry Muslim young-men set the church on fire after seeing a muslim girl with a christian young-man called '...
Muslims set fire to a Coptic Christian’s house in Upper Egypt after rumors that the house was going to be turned into a church.
Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm faces a potential prison sentence of three years for each of the four lawsuits filed against him by politicians and lawyers on charges of harming Egypt’s economy.
At a time when the Egyptian press market was still discussing the aftermath of the State Security Prosecution’s interrogation of an independent journalist on charges of spreading rumors about the president’s health, a new wave of anger stormed Egyptian society after a misdemeanor court sentenced...
Rif‘at al-Said, the spokesman for the Egyptian opposition parties? alliance, said he met with the U.S. Ambassador in Cairo David Welch for a couple of hours.
National pride has led Egypt to strongly criticize the American decision to freeze additional foreign aid to Egypt in protest of the prosecution of human rights activist Saad Eddin Ibrahim. Observers believe the decision is an effort to influence Egyptian policies.
The bishop of Cordoba turns down Spain’s Muslim community’s request to share prayers with Catholics in a cathedral that was once a mosque.
Mamdouh Mahran, chief editor of the weekly al-Nabaa, claimed that a former Coptic monk had practiced prostitution inside the church. Mahran was highly criticized in Egyptian media and was accused of damaging national unity. His article provoked angry protests by Copts in Assiut and in the main...
Egyptian police confiscate a book allegedly upon the Azhar’s request. The book criticizes "modern shaykhs" and supports woman’s leadership in prayers.


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