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Twelve human rights organizations condemned what they called “violent attacks” launched by Egyptian authorities against the freedom of artistic creation and expression, particularly evident after a two-year prison court sentence against art journalist, Ahmad Nāji, and a 10-thousand Egyptian Pounds...
In an  a report published by BBC, Ghada Tanṭawi and Mariam Rizq shed light on what they described as a crackdown on artists and writers by the Egyptian Government. “If Egypt's cultural elite had hoped that the overthrow of Islamist President Muḥammad Mursī in 2013 would usher in an era of...
The Supreme Council of Press’ report on the performance of the Egyptian press in August reveals that private newspapers have a lack of respect for public personalities’ and executive authority’s rights and that state owned newspapers tend to mix editorial comment and advertisements.
The following presents an interview with Tarek Heggy at the Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation. Drs. Cornelis Hulsman and staff members discuss sensitive issues throughout the Arab world.
This article contains the reply of Pope Shenouda to a demand by Wasiem Roushdi Al-Seici that the pope erase the verses of the Torah that attack Egypt.
The article tackles the failure of religious institutions in Egypt to come up with a moderate discourse, as the author blames the current state of fanatisism in the country on both Muslim and Christian preachers.
The author reviews a number of novels written by promising young people who have their works published at their own expense, without any help from state institutions.
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