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Many argue that President Mubārak’s decision to abolish the law allowing the imprisonment of journalists in Egypt is a positive step on the way to securing freedom of the press and freedom of expression.
The outlawed organization knows that state or ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) officials agree to attend meetings on democracy and reform providing Muslim Brotherhood activist do not attend, even though such meetings tend to focus on the Brotherhood.
The article is the text of a message Bishop Gregorios sent to the late sheikh Sha’arawi about the latter’s comments on Christian beliefs about the nature of Jesus Christ. The author believes that publishing this sensitive message is a way of bringing Christians and Muslims closer together.
Good news for the Orthodox Church should also be good news for the nation’s leading Islamic institution. After Pope Shenouda announced at a press conference on 23 June that the government had handed over 780 feddans of Coptic religious-endowment (awqaf) land, Al-Azhar asked the government to...
A delegation American Copts visited Egypt to investigate news of religious strife.


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