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This paper is an attempt to outline and illustrate the many facets of the Arab media's reaction to the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the profound emotions it stirred in so many Arabs and Arab journalists. 
Jayson Casper responds to two articles in this week's issue about reports of expatriate Copts' calls for Christians in Egypt to carry arms to defend themselves.
Gerrit Roos investigates the complex relations between Christians and Muslims in Egypt. He interviewed a number of Christian figures and analyzes the reasons why people emigrate from the country.
Hulsman comments on the recent sectarian tensions in Fayyūm that were mentioned in this issue and highlights an article by Tarek Heggy about the role of the Egyptian state in Muslim-Christian tensions.
The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church has excommunicated George Habīb Bibāwī. Bibāwī is launching a lawsuit to contest the decision and states that the Synod is a religious authority not a legal one.
The following lines shed light on the cancellation of a Jewish conference that was supposed to be held in Cairo. It also discusses the recent Jewish attempts to regain property in Egypt and the reactions of Egyptian sources to the claims.
The Supreme Council of Press’ report on the performance of the Egyptian press in August reveals that private newspapers have a lack of respect for public personalities’ and executive authority’s rights and that state owned newspapers tend to mix editorial comment and advertisements.
Pope Shenouda's lawyer has announced that the patriarch has approved the proposed new draft law for Coptic Personal Status issues. Contrary to the 1938 law the new draft law states that there are only three reasons for divorce.
Muhammad ‘Azīzīyah's movie depicting Jesus Christ from a Muslim point of view is the subject of heated discussions in different churches. While the Coptic Orthodox Church threatens to resort to the judiciary, ‘Azīzīyah insists on making his movie even if he is obliged to film it in a secular...


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