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Four Egyptian editors have been sentenced to a one-year jail sentence with hard labor and given fines for publishing false information about President Husnī Mubārak suffering from a serious health condition to undermine national security. The following report discusses the reactions of the four...
A 25-year-old Muslim man’s conversion to Christianity provokes heated debates and creates uproar in Christian and Muslim communities.
The article discusses the political failure of the banned Muslim Brotherhood that tends to raise less important issues merely to gain media fame rather than any real political presence in society.
The Egyptian press continues to focus on the different reactions of Egyptian Christians to the controversial Vatican document that was recently issued. While representatives of the Catholic Church approve it, Protestant and Orthodox denominations attack it severely.
Thanā’ Rustum interviewed Fāḍil Sulaymān, director of the Jisūr [Bridges] Institute, on the mission of his institution as well as his efforts to reform the distorted image of Islam in the West in general and the U.S. in particular.
The author talks about Muslims and Christians’ alms money and about what he called the "phenomenon of begging" in Egypt.
The author discusses Bishop Paphnotius’ ideas because of their importance in clarifying the real crisis that led to the emergence of the laymen’s group.
The recently announced introspections of the Jihād Islamic group revived discussions about the 10-year old revisions of al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah. On the tenth birthday of the group’s inspections, Muntasir al-Zayyāt announced the establishment of a new political party. Al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah...


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