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The increasing phenomenon of the deposition of Orthodox priests has caused great controversy within the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The article deals with the killing of a terrorist who masterminded the Dahab chain of bombings that claimed the lives of scores of Egyptians and foreigners and wounded others and the arrest of his aide.
Former member of the Jihād Group and the current spokesman for Egyptian Shi’ites, Sālih al-Wardānī, denies persecution of Shi’ ites in Egypt and declares his intention to establish a Shi’ite political party.
An article about the Muslim Brotherhood’s intent to establish a state that has a religious, and not civil nature, and the attitude of the Muslim Brotherhood towards the Copts.
The author wonders about using the word ‘banned’ in relation to the Muslim Brotherhood in the press, believing that their success in the parliamentary elections has allowed newspapers the space to choose a proper description for the group.
The Egyptian weekly Akher Saa published a number of articles with the title: “They sow hatred, malice and war.” [AWR, 2003, week 4, art. 26; week 6, art. 33; week 7, art. 37] The ‘they´ in the title refers to Israelis and Jews. Akher Saa lifts out negative statements on Arabs and Islam from Israeli...
This is the full text of an article written for Christianity Today in the US. It gives an overview of the Egyptian responses against the visit of a delegation of the US Commission for on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). Many church leaders and observers believe the American focus on...
As reported in the last issue of the RNSAW, 'Amīr S. Ibrāhīm, son of Dr. Saʿd al-Dīn Ibrāhīm, expressed his readiness to respond to all questions related to allegations in the Egyptian press. Dr. Saʿd al-Dīn Ibrāhīm made a statement before the State Security Prosecutors and 'Amīr thinks this...
Peter Harrison, Cornelis Hulsman and Amir S. Ibrahim comment on the interview Akher Saa had with Drs. Cornelis Hulsman on the issue of the Ibn Khaldoun Center. Their comments correct things that was misinterpreted by the journalist who made the interview.


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