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Mamdūh al-Walī, the chairman of the board of al-Ahrām, Cairo's leading daily newspaper, issued a decision terminating the contracts of veteran journalists and writers, including 'Abd al-Mun'im Sa'īd, the former board chairman, and 20 others. 
The Beirut Arab University launched the Second Egyptian-Lebanese Cultural Forum entitled "Culture in the Arab World from Disintegration to Reconstruction" in cooperation with al-Ahrām Foundation and the Egyptian Lebanese Businessmen Friendship Association. The three-day forum launched last...
Watani interviewed a number of intellectuals and human rights activists to discover their views on the rise of sectarian attacks in Egypt.
Five percent, is the percentage of the Palestinians’ land left for them. Al-Basyūnī reflects on Hālah Mustafá’s case referring to the contradiction between the peace treaty signed with Israel and the current refusal to deal with it.
Wataninewspaper is celebrating its 50 year anniversary this year. The author comments that in recent years the newspaper has tried to focus on mending fences between Egypt’s Muslims and Christians, no matter how grave the problem
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