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The article tackles the issue of the participation of the illegal Muslim Brotherhood group, as well as other political Islam movements, in politics.
The authors outline short biographies of ten Coptic figures that they believe are the most famous. The individuals include pioneers in business, culture, politics and the arts.
Egyptian media expressed anger at the resolution of the European Parliament about human rights in Egypt. Midḥat Bishāy critiques the “stampede of Egyptian media,” for constantly highlighting the activities of Coptic activists.
al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah’s incarcerated members agreed on the introspection recently proposed by the ideologue of the Islamic groups. However, leaders of Islamic groups still disagree on the introspections of al-Jamā‘ah. Conversely al-Jamā‘ah calls on the leftist parties of Hadtū and the Labor...
A big debate has hit leaders and members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group over the controversial pending agenda of the Brotherhood’s party.
Politicians, thinkers, and human right activists have asserted that the long-awaited platform of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group is a huge jump backward in politics as it clearly rules women and Coptic citizens out of high leading positions.
The article describes the outcomes of a recent seminar in which a number of Muslim scholars discussed the application of Riddah in Islam.
The author discusses the different opinions concerning applying Ḥadd al-Riddah through interviews with different Islamic thinkers and scholars.
The article discusses the Muslim Brotherhood’s new political platform.
The authors criticize the head of Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies Dr. Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm for claiming that he is a human rights activist in Egypt, when he has noticeably been adopting different political approaches to suit his personal interests.


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