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Hamada Husayn reviews Dr. Nawāl al- Sa‘dāwī statements in an interview with al-‘Arabīya Channel, in which she talked about the idea of giving a child the surname of his/her mother.
A number of Muslim scholars have urged the Azhar’ s Islamic Research Academy to refute the recent controversial fatwas of the Sudanese spiritual leader, Dr. Hasan al- Turābī.
President Mubārak is not alone in his opinion that Iraqi Shi’ites are more loyal to Iran than to Iran. Former Iraqi diplomats have the same opinion.
President Mubārak’s statements to al- ‘Arabīya satellite channel have provoked angry reactions among Shi’ites in Iraq. Mubārak said Iraqi Shi’ ites are more loyal to Iran than to their homeland.
In spite of Egyptian officials’ affable statements on Shi’ ite-related issues, the Islamic Research Institute is still banning the circulation of Shi’ite books.
The rights of Egyptian Bahā’ īs have recently been a subject of heated debate in the Egyptian media. A number of Bahā’ī leaders have tried to reach out to officials from the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), in an attempt to establish a “legal framework” which would solve...
The author provides a commentary on the Muslim Brotherhood, criticizing its actions and beliefs, and warning that it is gaining substantial ground toward becoming the political leaders of perhaps multiple Arab nations.
The author discusses a debate, aired on al-‘Arabīya satellite TV channel, concerning the thorny issue of bank interest in Islam.
Dr. Zaghloul al-Najjār has again interpreted the Pakistan earthquake as a divine wrath.
Everyone is calling for change, particularly since there is a growing social anxiety that stability is turning into total paralysis. Yet should democracy be stifled to prevent worse alternatives?


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