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Al-Dustūr writes about Ayman Nūr’s tour in Alexandria.
Bishop Demetrius of Mallawī thanks the governor of Minya on his agreement to raise the fence around the Monastery of Abū Fānā.
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Tawwāb comments on the new trend to attack works of art by Muslims and Christians.
The author discusses the dangerous rise in sectarian strife in Egypt.
While the security forces are still besieging ‘Izbat Bushrá, security apparatus leadership and church clergymen are attempting to release the tension and end the conflict.
Sectarian clashes broke out in ‘Izbat Bushrá andnews was reported about a forthcoming reconciliation session.
Al-Dustūr published a two-page file on niqāb in Egypt. About 17 percent of Egyptian women wear niqāb. Authors of the files tried to point out the reasons behind the phenomenon.
Copts of ‘Izbat Bushrá stage a sit-in in Beni Sweif protesting against Muslims’ attacks against their church.
Jamāl As‘ad was questioned by the police following a claim that was filed against him by 12 expatriate Coptic activist leaders.
This article sheds light on the different viewpoints about the application of hadd to apostates in Islam


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