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The author raises many questions around suspicious land purchase deals and untraceable source of money.
Two weeks ago, al-Fajr published a letter sent in by a Bahā’ī reader, who discussed in detail the principles of the Bahā’ī faith. In its issue of June 19, 2006, al-Fajr publishes two more letters sent in by Muslim readers responding to what they described as falsehoods contained in the...
A review of the death of Father Matta al-Maskīn, who led a mystical life at the desert and was an inspiration to many young monks, at the age of 87.
A recent Administrative Judicial Court ruling allowing Egyptian Bahā’īs to have their religion recognized on official documents and the issue of Bahā’ī marriage have been a subject of heated debate in the Egyptian press.
The Egyptian church is refusing a court ruling allowing a Christian, who converted to Islam, to have custody of his children in favor of their Christian mother, appealing to top Muslim clerics to intervene.
The review concerns the recent arrests of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, on charges of holding a meeting in violation of the law and the constitution.
The author argues that an official memo, dated January 17, 2006, sent by member of the Arab/Israel and North Africa Group, Julie McGregor to the British Middle East Minister, Kim Howells, on a proposed British engagement with the Muslim Brotherhood, has been "purposely leaked" to the press.
Offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper. Ayad Mossad, chairman Stichting Arab-West Understanding, visited AWR to help and discuss the request for NGO status.
The response of Danish newspapers to the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, perceived by Muslims as anti-Islamic.
Articles that give a good insight into some frequent misunderstandings in Arab-West relations. A Christian play in Alexandria, advising Christians in a crude way not to convert to Islam, was followed by Muslim demonstrations and violence.


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