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The article reports on Egypt’s political, religious, and public reaction toward recent republication of blasphemous caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in Danish and European press.
Bishop Marqus, the head of the media committee at the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church declares that the percentage of conversion among Muslims of Shubrā al-Khaymah is one per hundred thousand Christians, hence, denying previous statistics.
The Citizens in One Homeland group discuss their hopes, goals and raison d’etre.
The Administrative Court has rejected a lawsuit that was filed by the Muslim convert to Christianity, Muhammad Hijāzī and has allowed Bahā’ī’s to leave the religion field empty or write "other" on their identity cards. The Egyptian press reported the two rulings and commented on the increasing...
Copts of Cyprus have closed Limassol Church and call to reinstate Bishop Benyamin who was ordered to return to his cell in Saint Bula Monastery in the Red Sea after rumors about his financial transgressions.
In the article, Max Michel Ḥannā, Archbishop Maximus, is still fighting to have his new St. Athanasius Church recognized by the court.
Mayy Samīr interviews Hans Küng, a Swiss theologian and author of a book entitled ’Islam: Past, Present and Future,’ in which he wrote about his personal viewpoint on Islam, and condemned Western campaigns against it.
The following lines present more details about the Jihād introspections, their advocates and their opponents. While some people consider Imām’s revisions a turning point in the history of the Islamic groups, many observers doubt the authenticity of the revisions.
Egyptian media has published abstracts from Imām’s book of revisions. The book was recently published to announce al-Jihād Islamic organization’s initiative to quell violence and lead interventions.
The Egyptian press continues to focus on the health condition of the ailing head of the Coptic Orthodox Church who celebrated the 36th anniversary of his consecration in the See of Saint Mark.


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