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Echoes on the conference of ‘Laymen and the Church’ are still eminent in Egyptian media. The review discusses the crisis of Watanī with the church over the participation of the former in covering the conference’s sessions.
Anti-Muslim Brotherhood releases in the Egyptian press.
This review deals with Minister of Culture Fārūq Husnī’s latest remarks in which he described the Ḥijāb as "a relapse backward," stimulating public controversy and anger in parliament. The ruling party, opposition and independents agreed on the need to have the minister tender his resignation...
The Coptic Orthodox Church is currently celebrating the return of Pope Shenouda III to Egypt after undergoing spinal surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. The celebrations coincided with the 35th anniversary of His Holiness’ enthronement as pope of...
The author expresses his view about the media during Ramadān. He says that television must concern itself more with religious and moral programs and series that present Islamic history, rather than trivial series and shows which keep the audience away from moral and spiritual values.
This review presents the opinions of some intellectuals about offensive articles written against the Prophet’s companions. Some consider this to be an unforgivable sin, others refer to the Shī‘ah-Sunnī differences as a reason for it.
Copts in al-Muqattam protested against the illegitimate arrests of four priests and relatives of a Christian girl who converted to Islam and married a Muslim.
This review addresses the issue of the reported kidnapping of a 15-year old girl called Lorāns who is in her secondary school stage of education. Conflicting versions of the story have emerged: Sawt al- Ummah says Lorāns said that she was kidnapped by four men and a woman wearing a niqāb...
AWR’s year report shows the tremendous amount of work carried out in 2006. Comment on ‘Coptic Christian Fights Deportation to Egypt, Fearing Torture.’ in New York Times. Report on conversion stories presented on VCD.
This report, written by several authors, deals with the beginning and remarkable events in the life of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood and its first murshid, Hasan al-Bannā. He still has a strong ideological influence on this most prominent political group.


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