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Two AWR interns investigate the news coverage of a dispute that took place in al-Tayyibah village, Minia. They analyzed the press reports of the incident and then look at the reconciliation sessions that took place in the wake of the conflict.
Robeir al-Faris provides a round up of the Cairo press this month. He covers the case of the murder trial of Marwa al-Shirbīni which is taking place in Germany, looking in particular at an article written by Ibrāhīm Isá in al-Dustūr that reflects on the Egyptian reaction to the case. Al-Faris also...
Hulsman comments on the previous article by Muhammad ‘Alī Ibrāhīm in which has attacked Islam and accused of having no morals or ethics.
More details were published about achieving a solution for the conflict in Abū Fānā. Egyptian newspapers reported on the start of the construction of a fence around the monastery and the satisfaction of all parties. Article full text: This week’s newspapers covered the achievement of an agreement...
The following provides the transcript of an interview with Dr. Hālah Mustafá in which she discusses current affairs in Egypt and the recent character attacks she has had to endure.
While monks resume their sit-in at the monastery of Abū Fānā, Coptic communities abroad are organizing demonstrations protesting the incidents. The following presents an up-to-date review of the aftermath of the Abū Fānā attacks.
The author compares various media treatments of the Abu Fana incidents and other recent issues in Muslim-Christian relations. He asserts that the media treatment of the incidents was insufficient and influenced by the government.
Suggested changes to the child law have provoked far-reaching debates. The issues of female circumcision, a child's paternity and the law's adherence to the principles of Sharī‘ah are three of the key topics that have come under analysis.
The Supreme Council of Press’ report on the performance of the Egyptian press in August reveals that private newspapers have a lack of respect for public personalities’ and executive authority’s rights and that state owned newspapers tend to mix editorial comment and advertisements.


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