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Rūmānī Jād al-Rabb, a Coptic activist and Vice-Chairman of the al-Kalima (Word) for Human Rights, accused officials of “foot-dragging” on bringing to justice the persons involved in the October 9, 2011 clashes outside the state TV & radio building in Maspero, which left more than 20 people...
The congress of the Egyptian Coalition of Minorities kicked off at the headquarters of Ḥizb al-Tajammuʿ (the National Progressive Unionist Party) in Downtown Cairo, to discuss the theme of “The new method of the Islamized: accusations of defamation of religion, hate speech and incitement as a...
Conversion in Egypt is a complicated and thorny issue.
One of the distinguishing sub-themes of the Egyptian revolution which began on January 25, 2011, has been the proliferation of Coptic movements.
Al-Kalimah Center for Human Rights released a press release on demolishing of the church of the two martyrs in Helwan.    
Edited by: Cornelis Hulsman, Editor-in-chief Arab-West Report, Clare Turner, academic language editor CIDTAn in depth report into 13 human rights organizations in Egypt, written with a view to creating a network with some of these organizations with a particular focus on issues of mutual interest...
This report provides an overview of different human rights organizations in Egypt and th
Ibrāhīm Īssah, the editor in chief of al-Dustūr newspaper has been sentencedto two months in prison for his articles about President Mubārak’s health.
Church leaders described the law that prevents demonstrations in houses of worship as an unprecedented step that aims to deprive Copts of their rights.
Head of Al-Kalema Center for Human Rights Mamdūh Nakhlah has joined the defense team of a lawsuit filed by the Middle East Christian Association asking for compensation for victims of al-Kushh clashes in 1998 and 2000.


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