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The article discusses the need for non-partisan reporting and removing emotions from articles, using Arab-West Report to exemplify the importance of such.
Egyptian media expressed anger at the resolution of the European Parliament about human rights in Egypt. Midḥat Bishāy critiques the “stampede of Egyptian media,” for constantly highlighting the activities of Coptic activists.
The following lines discuss the ongoing reactions to the Chicago conference held by the Coptic Assembly of America. While some observers accuse the delegates of trying to achieve American goals in Egypt, others call for opening the channels of dialogue.
A number of Coptic organizations in the West have sent Pope Shenouda III a letter for his approval on launching a TV satellite channels from Egypt that would serve their interests.
‘Amr Fārūq accuses Coptic activists in the West and their organizations of trying to inflame the situation in Egypt by promoting sectarianism.
Father Philopater, former member of al-Ghad political party of the Egyptian opposition was sustained as a priest following his strong worded articles against the Egyptian regime. Pope Shenouda issued a remission five months prior to the official end of the penalty.
Coptic, like Muslim fundamentalism, is not in the interest of Egypt. Usāmah Salāmah from Rose al-Yūsuf discusses different arguments of Coptic figures and responds to them in the following article.
Drs. Hulsman provides a detailed description of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt, and a history of Coptic problems, stemming from their own actions and outside influences.
In its issue of last March, the controversial publication Theban Legion reported that the crosses of the Mary Girgis Church in Sheikh Najīm, Tuwa, al-Minyā, were ordered to be removed. However, the priest of the church, Father Gregarious ‘Abd al-Sayyid, refuted these claims, highlighting the...


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